Our Next Bold Move

As of Sunday, July 1, 2018, our new home will be on the campus of Asbury Unted Methodist Church in New Port Richey. Pastor Mary Ashcraft will be the pastor of both churches. Joining Hands and Asbury, as two separate churches, will co-habitate and often collaborate on the same property at 4204 Thys Road. This mutually beneficial arrangement will provide new worship experiences as well as opportunities for greater service to the community.

How will we all work together? After several meetings, the Joining Hands/Asbury Covenant Group of five representatives from each church has authored a general statement to define the overall agreement between the two churches. CLICK HERE TO READ THE COVENANT STATEMENT.

We know you have questions. As the group works out logistics, we are building a list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions. There will be many future updates as the group meets regularly and communicates frequently by email. Please check the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS PAGE, which may address your concerns.