Frequently Asked Questions About the Move

What will Sundays look like?

8:00 – Breakfast served by Joining Hands – Fellowship Hall
9:30 – Discovery (Joining Hands) Worship Service – Fellowship Hall
9:45 – Children & Youth Sunday School – Rooms 1-4
9:45 – Adult Bible Study – Conference Room
11:00 – Traditional (Asbury) Worship Service – Sanctuary
11:00 – Adult Sunday School – Parlor
6:00-8:00pm – Youth Hangout – Fellowship Hall & Outside

Things To Know:
1. There will be adequate food, parking, and smooth sharing of space.
2. There will be opportunities for transportation and new worship experiences.

What will be different for the Joining Hands congregation?

The only real change will be Joining Hands worship time starting earlier at 9:30am. This will give Pastor Mary some free time between services. As a result, breakfast will begin a little earlier at 8:00am.

What will be different for the Asbury congregation?

Nothing. The regular Sunday schedule remains intact. The only difference is that there will be new friends to meet, and there will be more opportunities for worship, bible study, and transportation to/from church.

Where will we put things?

The Trustees Teams of both churches are meeting regularly to review space, technology, and access needs. Both churches will be evaluating their possessions to decide what to keep readily accessible and what to put in storage.

Who is paying for what?

The Finance Teams of both churches are meeting together to work out these very important details. The intention is financial stability for both churches, and to be good stewards of resources and gifts. Division of expenses will be fair and equitable.


Check back soon for more updates!