Join Hands With Us

Let’s be honest.

Reaching out to the help the community is hard work. It requires three primary resources:

  1. A passion to serve others in Christlike ways
  2. Manpower to get things done
  3. Funding to pay for ministries

We have no shortage in #1: passion; in fact we would love to do even more to serve people in more ways. However we are limited only by a lack of #2 and #3 — volunteers and of course money.

Joining Hands serves with dignity and love. And we are good stewards of all donations, squeezing every bit from which we are blessed.

We serve the underserved in Pasco County through free community breakfasts and dinners, tutoring programs, youth programs, transportation, and as West Pasco’s only cold night shelter. These ministries cost money to sustain, such as buying food, educational materials, maintaining shuttle vehicles, etc.

Please join our efforts.

  • Financial donations are where we currently have the biggest need. We appreciate all financial support, whether large or small. You may donate online using our secure PayPal account with either a one-time gift or recurring monthly support.


  • Volunteering to help with our ministries is easy. Please contact us to discuss opportunities to serve. Call (727) 264-1288 or email

We thank you for your generosity in supporting our missions.